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Perpetrator[ edit dating spree killer Walter Seifert Willi Walter Seifert 19 June — 11 June was born in Bickendorfa district of Cologne. From to he attended the Volksschule in Ehrenfeldand afterwards started an apprenticeship as metal worker at a machine factory, which he successfully finished in In he was drafted into the Luftwaffe and attended the Waffentechnische Schule der Luftwaffe Weaponry Technology School of the Airforce for a year.

By the end of the war he was a sergeant in an anti-aircraft battery and afterwards was a prisoner of war for several months. Seifert worked for a Cologne car factory, before joining the Schutzpolizei on 14 November On 23 August he was treated for a bronchial catarrhand an examination by a specialist on 5 September diagnosed with tuberculosis in the right lung, resulting in his dismissal from the police on 30 September, as he was unfit for service.

From then on Seifert attempted to enforce his claims for subsistence, feeling he was being treated unfairly by the government which he claimed was cheating him of his war pension. Seifert contested this, accused the doctors of creating false medical reports and complained in long letters to various authorities about his problems.

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In August Seifert was examined by a public health officer, who was of the opinion that he was not in need of a regimenbut suggested that he could be sent to a sanatorium for observation. The doctor also noted in his report that Seifert was a mentally devious person with no will to recover.

Seifert again contested the report and wrote a letter titled "Sozialpolitik - Sozialärzte — Sozialmord" social politics — social doctors — social murderwhereupon he was examined by a medical specialist for neurology and psychiatrywho noted Seifert's quirky behaviour, his scattered train of thoughtand his constant smile in inappropriate situations.

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He also recorded that Seifert harboured paranoid thoughts about his doctors and showed a peculiar fanatical behaviour, coming to the conclusion that he was a paranoid schizophrenicbut since he did not show any violent or dangerous behaviour the doctor deemed it unnecessary to hospitalise him in a mental institution. Around that time[ when? According to his brother's statement, Seifert intended to ambush the girls on country roads, stun them and then bring them home on his moped trailer to hold them captive in a cellar, of which he had already made sketches.

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On 7 October Seifert married Renata Urszula [4] and reportedly fell apart when she died of an dating spree killer during premature birth on 11 February Holding the doctors responsible for the death of his wife he wrote a page letter titled "Muttermord — Einzelschicksal und Analyse eines Systems" Matricide - Individual fate and analysis of a systemand sent it to agencies, doctors and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Therein he tried to prove that the treatment of his wife's embolism was done wrong, called dating spree killer a criminal system and equated doctors with murderers, writing: The doctor dating spree killer the greatest mass murderer of the poor in the history of mankind What to do? Appeal to their 'conscience' — useless, whoever does something like that has no conscience.

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Does the aforementioned science count before any court? No, thus begins the vigilante justice, the terror of the medical society in the pluralistic dating spree killer of criminality. But terror can only be extirpated with counter-terror, and whoever denies me the protection of the law forces the cudgel into my hand.

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