Dating sarah marshall movie. Nie wieder Sex mit der Ex

Nie wieder Sex mit der Ex

dating sarah marshall movie

When he gets suddenly and unceremoniously dumped by his longtime girlfriend, television star Sarah Marshall VERONICA MARS lead Kristen Bellcomposer Peter Bretter FREAKS AND GEEKS alum Jason Segel is devastated.

Miserably depressed, he seeks solace in tawdry one-night stands, but he is desperate to win Sarah back.

dating sarah marshall movie

On the advice of his stepbrother, Brian SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE's Bill HaderPeter heads off to Hawaii for a dating sarah marshall movie vacation, but he gets even more freaked out when he discovers that Sarah and her new beau, wild and wacky British singing sensation Aldous Snow comedian Russell Brandare staying there as well.

Dating sarah marshall movie in sadness, Peter is befriended by hotel employee Rachel Jansen THAT '70S SHOW's Mila Kuniswho encourages him to get back his life and pursue his own dreams, which include staging a Dracula musical with puppets.

But Peter is blinded by his desire for Sarah even as he grows closer to Rachel and starts hanging out with some of the hotel's odder personalities, including Chuck Paul Rudda drug-addled surf instructor, and Matthew SUPERBAD's Jonah Hilla drug-dealing restaurant worker obsessed with Snow.

dating sarah marshall movie

Segel, who gets fully naked several times in the film, wrote the anmachsprüche an frauen, a sharp blend of comedy and drama, and is solid in his first major starring role.

Stoller, making his feature-film directorial debut, gets the most out of his diverse cast and beautiful setting, especially Jack McBrayer and Maria Thayer as a newlywed couple having some bizarre sexual problems, and Billy Baldwin as Sarah's costar in the television show CRIME SCENE: SCENE OF THE CRIME.

dating sarah marshall movie

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