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The forms required for applying and additional information are available at the above mentioned address, the visa department of the embassy, the DAAD office and the Goethe-Institute. India Applicants from India are highly encouraged to include their GATE result with their application if available. Pakistan The Certificate of Registration from the Pakistan Engineering Council should be included with the application.

Ghana Applicants from Ghana need at least a Bachelor's degree. The Higher National Diploma HND does not entitle for enrollment in the Master's programme.

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TOEFL or IELTS is required for all applicants from Ghana. It is advisable to ask for a visa-appointment well in advance, possibly already upon applying, since waiting time may be very long in some African countries. After Admission Visa and Immigration Requirements for foreign students Foreign students have to apply for a student visa at their nearest German Embassy in their home country.

German Immigration Law does not allow to change the Immigration status whilst in Germany; never enter with a tourist visa! As soon as you know about your admission go to the nearest embassy or consulate. Go there immediately after receiving the admission letter. Be bekanntschaften oberösterreich that the visa procedure will take several weeks.

The embassies will inform you about the details of visa application as they apply to your country.

Be prepared to show a bank statement covering the full expenses of the first year! What services and assistance is provided? Together with the admission letter you will receive detailed information on services we provide. We will assist you in finding housingi.

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Upon arrival a senior student will meet and assist you during your first hours on foreign terrain. You will soon meet your new classmates and become familiar with your new surroundings.

An intensive German class will be offered in March, just before the beginning of the lecture period. Be sure to attend this class.

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It will help you meet your new classmates and feel more comfortable when roaming around town. You will get further assistance with formalities after arrival.

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Campus life Housing Students admitted to the programme will get a room booked in a student dormitory if they wish. A housing application form will be mailed along with the admission.

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There are four dorms downtown 25 min bus drive to the campus and one near the campus walking distance. All rooms are one person rooms and fully furnished.

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You share kitchen with all cooking facilities and bathroom with a few persons; according to the type of dorm this can be 2 to 12 persons. There are no dorms exclusively for men or women. Internet-based instructional technology developed at the School has been presented at several conferences and exhibitions.

Two large computer pools reserved for students and a high speed university intranet guarantee immediate access to computer-assisted training. Financial Issues Fees Tuition Fees are only applicable for singles tuttlingen degree and international students. Further Infomation can einen mann nach einem treffen fragen ulm found here. Students are also responsible for their own living expenses which run, as a guideline, at Euro per month.

Financial support All students will receive a very sizable support of their studies from tax revenues automatically. Students are, however, fully responsible for their cost of living. Still, there are several possibilities of financial support. The most common way of support for our foreign students are part-time research assistantships provided by the research groups within the School of Engineering called HiWi jobs.

There are many of these jobs available. Nevertheless, you will have to look for them yourself once you are here.

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This allows you to choose a research group according to your interest. However, since your main purpose of coming to Ulm is studying and obtaining a master's degree, we very strongly recommend that students do not take on more than about 40 hours per month. This leads to a monthly income of about Euro. During the breaks when no lectures are held you will also have the opportunity of taking up jobs with companies, particularly those with a presence in the "Science City" around the university.

For a total duration of days per einen mann nach einem treffen fragen ulm, work outside of the university does not require a labor permit. During the lecture periods, work outside of the university requires a special permission for foreign students if it exceeds 20 hours per week.

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This is generally not encouraged. Overall the chances for einen mann nach einem treffen fragen ulm a student job are very good in Ulm. So far all students who wanted a student job also managed to find one.

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For information on scholarship programmes, please consult the DAAD websiteStipendienlotse - the Federal Ministry of Education and Research BMBF scholarship database Stipendium Plusa portal which combines information on partnersuche ostsee zeitung foundations and agencies supporting graduate and post-graduate studies in Germany.

Financial assistance for students in Germany The Deutscher Bildungsserver maintains a database of links to institutions providing grants to students in Germany.

The page is in German. We often receive requests for grants or fellowships.

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