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By the s, Europeans were arriving at Port Nicholson as it came to be known, after John Nicholson, the Sydney harbourmaster.

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In May the New Zealand Company advertised in London lots of Port Nicholson land for sale. All lots were sold by July and in August Colonel William Wakefield arrived and began negotiating with Maori to purchase land.

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The first immigrants began arriving in January Sir William Fox ? In Fox, who had trained as a lawyer in England, was appointed the New Zealand Company Agent to Nelson and, inPrincipal Agent for the company. However, the company was in decline and Fox spent a lot of his time travelling around the company settlements tidying up loose ends of land distribution and negotiating compensation with disappointed purchasers.

In MarchCaptain Edward Daniell chose the adjoining country sections Kaiwarra 4 and 5, comprising the greater part of who is tanner fox dating right now present Wellington suburb of Ngaio. He lived there for three years, and inwhen moving to the Hutt, sold a block of 14 acres to William Fox.

There was a sawmill in the area — near the present day corner of Kenya Street and Crofton Road — and the area was described as a thickly wooded valley in the early s.

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In that year he and Sarah returned to England and did not arrive back in New Zealand until In June he won a seat on the Partnersuche kärnten wolfsberg Provincial Council and in was elected to represent Wanganui in the House of Representatives. His first term as Premier, inlasted only a fortnight.

In the year Crofton was built he stood for the Wellington Provincial Council and was Chief Land Commissioner for Wellington. Crofton was built in Nothing is known of any architect or builder and no original plans are known to exist.

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Although Crofton is sometimes said to have been built around an earlier house, the advertisement letting the land in did not mention a house. The Carter family were guests at Crofton for a time when they first arrived in Wellington in as settlers.

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This was also the name of the suburb until when it was changed to Ngaio due to Fox naming another place Crofton, near Marton.

The adjacent suburb of Crofton Downs, developed in the s, retains the historical link in its naming.

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In Fox obtained a Crown grant for the Crofton property. Fox had no children at this time, but in keeping with his status and means, the house was large enough for entertaining and for servants.

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His reasons for selling are unknown, but his loyalties may have been more with the Rangitikei area where he owned 3, acres and represented Wanganui or Rangitikei as an MP. He purchased the Rangitikei land in later to become Westoe, Register no. Crofton continued to be regularly advertised for sale throughout and into In Fox became unofficial leader of the opposition to the Stafford government, and in he became Premier for a second time.

For over thirty years Fox influenced New Zealand political life.

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During his varied public career Fox was to hold the position of Colonial Secretary, Attorney General, and was four times the Premier. In later life Fox was to hold the position of the Commissioner of Land Claims arising from the confiscation of Maori lands on the west who is tanner fox dating right now of Taranaki.

Fox was also a talented painter, explorer, and keen advocate for the temperance movement which aimed to reduce alcohol consumption.

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He was knighted in InFox finally sold the house to Bishop Charles Abraham —the first Bishop of Wellington, who opened the Church of England Grammar School in it the following year. Known as Crofton College, Kaiwarra or the Church of England Grammar School at Crofton, the school educated many of the sons of leading Anglican families. Martin left at the end of The second master was a Mr Chepnell, and some of the family surnames of pupils include Bidwell, Hadfield, Johnston, Fitzherbert, Beetham, France and Barton.

Access to the school was still via Sawmill later Crofton Road, with a drive through what would become No. There were few other houses in the area.

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The school most likely closed in when St Hill paid off two mortgages in full and appointed trustees to hold the land in trust for his wife and children. It is thought that falling rolls due to other secondary schools opening may have caused the closure, and St Hill accepted the vicarate of Havelock North and Clive.

Mr William Berry, accountant, leased the property from Decemberas noted at a meeting of his creditors in after he filed for bankruptcy. It was put up for sale in and ; the advertisement noted that it was at present occupied by Mrs Berry.

A photograph of the house taken by William Berry in the s shows the verandah who is tanner fox dating right now been enclosed by this time. A letter in from St Hill to John Chew asked if the coming railway may make it possible to sell Crofton.

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The railway made the area more accessible, however by there were still only 18 houses at Crofton. Wilson Littlejohn was the first mayor of the Borough of Onslow proclaimed a borough on 13 March He was a watchmaker and jeweller with a business in Lambton Quay and he held Presbyterian services and a Sunday school in the kitchen at Crofton.

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For six years this was the only place holding religious services in the area. It is built of heart totara and is in first-class condition. William Berry had been a keen amateur photographer, which no doubt accounts for the dark room.

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