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Concept[ edit ] The main feature of Tatort is that it is jointly produced by all participating regional TV stations.

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Each of the eleven companies involved the nine German regional TV channels or Landesrundfunkanstalten that together form ARDplus ORF in Austria and SRF in Switzerlandproduces its own episodes. Each station features usually more than one team of inspectors in different cities in its region, depending on the size of the producing broadcaster. Each of the roughly 20 active teams appears one to two times each year.

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Nearly every Sunday, a new episode from a different city premieres on Das Erste; old episodes are often shown through all participating stations as part of their common programming. The series shares this concept with its former East German counterpart Polizeirufwhich basically is produced as four additional Tatort investigator teams aired under a different series name and opening credits by some regional broadcasters, mostly those which evolved from East German state television.

Every Tatort episode features a different team of inspectors in a different city.

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Combined with the fact that the episodes are, at 90 minutes long, gerber mark 1 serial number dating movie-length and with rarely more than 30 episodes in one year, this makes for a cultural phenomenon closer to a string of made-for-TV movies than a typical police series. This pooling concept was mainly due to the nature of the public broadcast television channel ARD, which is jointly operated by all of Germany's regional public Landesrundfunkanstalten.

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The 9 regional public broadcasters collect broadcasting fees in their region of Germany each region comprising one or more federal statesand each have multiple radio stations and a regional TV station. Das Erste is produced as a joint national channel with common national programming.

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Each regional broadcaster is responsible for parts of the programming, unlike for instance in the US with its network affiliate system. Usually one to three broadcasters produce one TV programme in cooperation. When Tatort was developed as a series of weekly feature film-long local crime stories, the stated concept was used to distribute financial and organizational efforts.

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Apart from the unique joint-pooling system, the series is also characterised by the episode length of around 90 minutes, which allows for more in-depth and psychological fleshing out of the characters.

Although almost all episodes feature the investigation partnervermittlung lateinamerika a homicideit is never just a simple case of whodunit.

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Often the episode length allows for the crime to be shown in all its aspects, with equal attention focused on the perpetrators and the victims as on the inspectors. On several occasions the actual police work is just a side note in the story, as gerber mark 1 serial number dating main plot might focus on how one of the persons involved deals with the crime and its aftermath.

Episodes also deal with social and political issues. With the national broadcasting corporations of Austria and Switzerland participating, the episodes of Tatort are currently set in various cities of Germany, Viennaand Lucerne. Originally each of the participating member stations limited their episodes to one team of investigators in one city: for ease of production this was mostly the city the broadcast station was in, but over the years some stations broadcasting over a large regional area have Tatorts playing in several cities.

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Notably, the WDR based in Cologne has three teams of investigators playing respectively in Cologne, Münsterand Dortmund. Episodes are either produced by the station's own production facilities, or are filmed and often also written by outside production houses on behalf of the station.

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This sometimes leads to situations where, for instance, a Tatort set in Thuringia is actually produced in Bavariawith only a handful of scenes shot 'on location' in the town the story is supposed to be set in. As a consequence, minor roles are sometimes played by actors or extras that don't have the matching regional accent. A similar concept of independently filming and then pooling episodes was used from to in the series Eurocopsjointly produced by several national European TV stations.

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